Favorite Food: Chicken Missilicious

I have a variety of pet names for my wife Michele, depending upon her mood… These include Missy, The Miss, Mimzy, Michele Robin, Mimzy Doodallo, and the most recent: Missilicious

Well, Missy doesn’t have much faith in her cooking.  This is most likely the result of having two sons who grew up never wanting to eat the same type of food at the same meal.  It hasn’t been unusual for my Missy to make a corned beef sandwich for son Barry and then run to the Little Store to pick up a soup for son Leonard (Jewish mamas always worry about their son’s eating right).

From my experience, I think my wife is a great cook.  In fact, one of her greatest dishes is a souffle of chicken, broccoli, and a secret sauce that we have anointed as “Chicken Missilicious”.

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