Flyers Game… in Style

Missy and I were invited by Todd Imwalle to attend the Dayton Flyers game in high fashion (Me with the ‘high rollers’?)… We greatly enjoyed watching the game from the Boesch Lounge executive suites, as the Flyers finally recorded a solid win against an A-10 foe.


I hate to use this posting to sound-off about coach Brian Gregory (especially with a record of 18-2), but the Flyers appear to be struggling… from inept coaching.  A few observations:

1. What is the purpose of platooning players unless you’re going to play an up-tempo game with full-court press and transition offense? Since the Flyers don’t play deny-defense or zone trap, Gregory’s approach for pressing the opponents is useless; and taking the hot player out of the game when the player is “in the zone” is a travesty.

2. The personnel decisions do not make sense.  For example, I suspect that Huelsman is a hard-working team player, but his results on the floor are really lacking.  I’m not talking about point production, but just simple rebounding.  I’m astounded that a 6’10” junior can play more than 20 minutes a game and manage only 4 rebounds.   After today, I figured out why they don’t have Searcy replacing Huelsman in the slot — Searcy is slightly more athletic but his court sense is severely lacking.  Meanwhile, a basketball stud like Chris Johnson must get more playing time.  This guy put up 17 points and 8 rebounds coming off the bench for 20 minutes of play.  I would suggest moving Chucky Little to the slot (he’s more comfortable playing with his back to the basket anyways), and put CJ in at the forward spot.

3. Most of these mediocre A-10 teams (Fordham, George Washington, etc.) have discovered how to play Dayton.  if you haven’t noticed, the Flyers struggle against a simple 2-3 zone defense.  They have obviously lacked outside shooting, but oftentimes the baseline flashes are just not there against the zone.  Meanwhile, the Flyers appear to have a hard time defending against simple motion offense pick-and-roll.  I can’t tell you how many times over the last two home games that I saw the opposing team sliding uncontested down the lane off a simple pick at the elbow.

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  1. I totally agree and I cannot see how the powers above including his mentor Tom Izzo has not remarked. A good recruiter and a lousy coach. On the otherhand we thought the same of OP

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