Flyers Win 100th for Coach Gregory

I went to the Dayton Flyers basketball game versus Delaware State last night with my buddy, Steve Weiss.  The Flyers started slowly, but dominated on both ends of the floor by the second half to walk away with an easy 62-42 victory (Edelweiss – don’t forget my 20 point prediction at the beginning of the game).

The Flyers have many news players on the team, but it appears that Dayton-native, Chris Wright (no relation to the Wright brothers :-), is the go-to-guy (18 pts, 7 reb in 24 minutes of play).

Gregory has a deep bench and he has already given 12 players decent court time in the first two games.  This allows them to play a full-court “in-your-face” defensive game, which has enabled them to hold both of their opponents to under 50 points.  In addition, this man-up play led to 15 steals against Delaware State.

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