Foley and the “It’s Not My Fault” Syndrome

Obviously, the situation with former Representative Mark Foley is very unfortunate for the victims…  In addition, there have been numerous comments about the Foley case, thus, I don’t want to add to the political drivel.  However, the most interesting part of this case is how we’ve seen the emergence of the “It’s Not My Fault” Syndrome.  Specifically, the day the case was announced to the mass media, Foley’s handlers came out and said that Foley was checking into a rehab clinic — thus the message “it’s not my fault because I’m an alcoholic“.  The next day the message was “it’s not my fault because I was molested“. 

We’ve also seen this situation of “it’s not my fault…” recently with another politician.  Namely, Representative Patrick Kennedy was charged for driving erratically, but we all “forgave him” because his handlers had him check into a rehab clinic.  I’m not sure where all of this is going, but it certainly sends an interesting message to the American population: No one is responsible for the bad things that they do.  This reminds me of the murder that occurred in Dayton quite some time ago, where the mother (and others) witnessed her son gunning down an individual in cold blood in broad daylight.  She contended that he was innocent because he couldn’t control his emotions — he had eaten too many sweets that day.

Frankly, I think it’s time for someone to come out and call it like it is: Foley is an [alleged] homosexual pedophile, and he has to be treated as a criminal as specified by our laws.

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