Funding the Islamic Radicals


I received a rather unpleasant comment about this posting from an anonymous troller.  He or she (how’s that for gender correctness?) didn’t like me calling Obama a Manchurian Marxist Moslem, and called me a “sad sack… and an idiot”.

Based on a review of the comment logs, it appears that the author from  is an employee of Best Buy (or used their network to comment on my blog).  I wonder if the supervision knows that Best Buy employees are trolling blogs during the working day.  It’s also rather ironic that someone from Best Buy headquarters in Minnesota is moonlighting as a second-rate troller the same week that Best Buy shared their poor financial results (are they following the lead of Circuit City from a few years ago?).


April 9, 2012

More from the Manchurian Marxist Moslem…  The Obama administration has elected to send $1.5 billion to the Moslem Brotherhood over in Egypt.   Certainly the USA does not want to reduce its influence in the Middle East, but this step is sort of like the US Government sending large sums of money to help rebuild Germany in1938.  i.e., the directions of the ruling administration are pretty obvious, so do you really want to help promulgate their staying power?

Obama is reaching out to the Moslem roots.  Bear in mind that there is a vast shortage of Moslem “moderates”, so you shouldn’t expect the situation in Egypt to turn out favorably for the West.


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