GM Stock Price at 54-Year Low

Update – The automotive marketplace is changing faster than most have anticipated, thus, I decided that I needed to look a little closer at GM stock…  Less than 9 months ago, GM was valued at over $42 per share.  At the end of June, GM was selling for a little more than $11 per share.  This values the company at less than $7 billion…  While there are numerous challenges (including the obligations to Delphi), if GM management can drive some innovation, an investment in the stock today can deliver 3x returns 3 years from now.


May 29, 2008 – I spotted this article about the American auto industry… You may be familiar with the old expression about investing in the stock market: “buy on the bad news, sell on the good”.  This could be the time to invest (or treat it like it’s a structural change, and decide to keep your distance).

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