Great Triple Overtime Hockey Game… Even if the Golfer Didn’t Watch

I stayed up until 1:00am to watch a tremendous game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals between Detroit and Pittsburgh.   Even though Pittsburgh somehow eked out a victory, the Red Wings outplayed the Penguins by every measure (54 shots on goal vs 28 for the Pens).   The differences in the playing styles are very evident.  Pittsburgh plays a “zone defense” while Detroit plays a “man-to-man” game.   The man-to-man style has really strangled the play of the Penguins’ superstars.

I’ve got news for Tigger (naw, that’s spelled correctly.  He’s the friend of Winnie the Pooh)… Golf doesn’t qualify as a sport.  It’s in that same genre as other great power and endurance sports such as tiddly-winks.  Frankly, I didn’t like the prima donna when he showed up to root for Roger Federer against Andy Roddick in the US Open a couple of years ago, and I respect him even less now.  Perhaps Vijay will bean him with a ball in a future tournament.

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