Handling Threats to Blacks and Jews

When there are threats to Black Americans and American Jews, the response from law enforcement and the FBI makes you wonder.   For example, it wasn’t too long ago (2020) that a garage door pull rope near a black NASCAR race driver was identified as potentially being a noose.  While there were no verbal or written menacing remarks against the driver, this situation nevertheless resulted in the assignment of 15 FBI agents to investigate the source of this “threat”.

Meanwhile, there are numerous occasions of Leftists and Moslems openly calling for the extermination of the Jews.  They call for finishing the job that Hitler started, and proclaim the desire for no Jews in the Middle East.  In fact, a Jewish man in California was recently murdered by a Moslem terrorist.  How many FBI agents are investigating this crime as well as likely similar ones?

Here is another contrast in selective justice.  Even after the release of the manifesto written by the perpetrator of the anti-white crimes that occurred at Covenant School earlier this year, the DOJ and FBI refuse to label it as a hate crime.  Why is that?

Is this outlook on race, religion, and envy by our federal government the world that was inculcated for us by the Manchurian Marxist Moslem?


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