Harvard, Boeing, and Bud Light

You may think, “what do these three topics have in common?”   Here’s the explanation for you — using recent case studies of tone deaf leadership to highlight problems in industry, academia, and government.  Comparing failure at Harvard to failure in running Boeing:

Harvard is the Boeing 737 MAX of higher education. A great American brand is squandering the public’s trust. Failures of quality control are damaging its market dominance.

Harvard is evidently also the Bud Light of the university system, where it has clearly lost its way in understanding what has made it a successful institution of learning.

Among all America’s sectors of public life, only its elite universities feature mass protests, incitement and even physical assaults against Jews. Could this be related to the subversion of the academy by the left? Is there a correlation between high levels of foreign donations and the addition of Jew-baiting to the curriculum?

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