Helen Thomas and Liberal Jews

Here is a little background about the Helen Thomas story that most people have not seen:

Rabbi David Nesenoff made headlines recently when he inadvertently exposed veteran American journalist Helen Thomas’ virulently anti-Israel views…. Nesenoff said Sunday that his background and motives had been misunderstood. Far from attempting to expose Thomas, he told CNN, he was a supporter of hers who had been unaware of her anti-Semitic views.

When he approached Thomas and asked her for her thoughts on Israel, he was not expecting her response, he said. “Of course, there might be anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian [opinion]. That’s very different than anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish and wanting to cleanse a piece of land,” he explained.

Nesenoff described himself as “a New York Democrat Jewish liberal supporter of Obama” who is now reconsidering his political views in light of what has happened.

“Now I have to reevaluate totally,” he said, “…because if I was part of a team where their agenda was that Israel and the Jewish people don’t have a connection… I have to really reevaluate liberal and conservative [views] and really find out where I stand, because I think I’ve been a little blind.”

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