Hollywood Hellbent on Holyness

A great summary about the upside-down fantasyland of Hollywood as exhibited during the Academy Awards show:

When the guy who hosted the breast-obsessed “Man Show” [Jimmy Kimmel] appears onstage with an NBA player once accused of rape [Kobe Bryant] to give awards to people who spent decades doing business with Harvey Weinstein — you know Hollywood has gotten serious about sexual harassment.

I have no comment about the crop of overrated movies honored by the Academy Sunday night — other than to note that giving the Best Picture nod to “Handicapped Woman Has Sex With Fish Man, Is Saved By Communists” may be the most #Oscars! moment ever. What is worthy of notice is the nonstop self-congratulations from society’s most notoriously corrupt class, the Hollywood Left.

Source: Graham: Oscars’ #MeToo show mighty fishy

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