Honoring the Murderer in Oakland?

You may have heard about a parolee that murdered 4 police officers in Oakland earlier this week….  well, believe it or not 60 people showed up at a rally in Oakland to “honor” the murderer.  The protest was organized by the Oakland branch of the “Uhuru Movement”, whose flyers for the march declared, “Stop Police Terror.”

Wow, this sounds eerily similar to those protests in the San Fran bay area in support of the Palestinians.   The people in that region of our country there have a really funky sense of logic…

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  1. There is a branch of this Uhuru movement in St. Petersburg FL and they have ALWAYS been racist thugs, caring nothing about fairness or decency, just turn everything into racial hatred. Wonder if Revs Jackson and Sharpton were there for a photo shoot and more of their stupidity.

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