How to Win My Vote

I’ve had many people ask me about my position on various political issues… Some of you may think I’m a “dyed in the wool” Republican (Au Contraire).  I thought I would organize quick summaries of my positions on the top 10 (in this case, top 12) global issues:


It should not be treated as a right or a form of birth control, but an unfortunate reality that there are occasions where abortion is necessary.
Capital Punishment In the case of premeditated murder in the first degree, the use of death is essential form of punishment for those most heinous crimes.
Right to Bear Arms Any instrument that can be used to cause great harm can’t be shared like buying milk at the corner store, yet individual citizens have a right to own guns.
Homosexuality It is not something to be outlawed or contested, but it is not some innate human right to protect and to convince others that it is something to celebrate.
Global Warming The planet is a constant changing environment, as exhibited by volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.  The amount that man contributes to that change is still in question.
Iraq War We must find a way to wind down our overall “world cop” role because the cost is exorbitant.  We have to become more imperialistic or limit intervention.
Health Care The country simply does not have the resources to provide every citizen with complete health care.   We have to come to grips that not everyone has a right to unlimited support.
War on Drugs Drugs such as marijuana are not necessarily more harmful that alcohol.  While we should not legalize recreational drugs, there should be a reduced focus on enforcement.
Affirmative Action The notion of diversity in all walks of life is very important; however the approach of favoring a group as a form of reparations only reinforces discrimination.
Education Every citizen should have equal access to a reasonably priced education.  However, the ability to learn is best supported by parents and the immediate community. 
Taxation Some degree of taxes are necessary to support common benefits for the population, however, it is not to be used for the purpose of income redistribution.
Energy Policy It’s usually a cost crisis rather than an energy shortage.  As the price of petroleum increases, organizations will substitute alternative forms such as solar, nuclear, etc.

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