How will America Remember Barack Obama?

Another great commentary from Victor Davis Hanson about The Legacies of Barack Obama:

Apparently Obama is veering even further to the left, in hopes of establishing a rhetorical progressive legacy in lieu of any lasting legislative or foreign-policy achievement. Turning the presidency into an edgy soapbox is seemingly all that is left of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” the country.

But divisive sermonizing and the issuing of executive orders are not the same as successfully reforming our health-care system. The Affordable Care Act, born of exaggeration and untruth, is now in peril as insurers pull out and the costs of premiums and deductibles soar.

The U.S. economy — with its record-low growth over eight years, near-record labor non-participation rates, record national debt, and record consecutive years of zero interest rates — is not much of a legacy either. Racial relations in this country seem as bad as they have been in a half-century.

What, then, is the presidential legacy of Barack Obama?

It will not be found in either foreign- or domestic-policy accomplishment. More likely, he will be viewed as an outspoken progressive who left office loudly in the same manner that he entered it — as a critic of the culture and country in which he has thrived.

It is interesting to recall some prognostications about Obama from November 2008 when I was pondering “Will He be Like Kennedy, Carter, or Clinton?“.  Or another posting from this blog entitled “More on Expectations from Our President“.

I have my opinion about how things actually turned out… what do you think?

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