I Used to be a Democrat

You probably read the title and said to yourself, “DZ used to be a Democrat??”  Well, it’s not true.   I wrote it this way for my cousin Nancy. 

It seems as if every day, there are more stories about someone that started life as a Liberal Democrat who then discovered that liberalism has been corrupted by zany people that claim to subscribe to the principles.  David Horowitz is probably one of the best known examples of this “viewpoint” change.  Ari Kaufman is the latest to make this transition, and he describes his rationale in a recent article in AmericanThinker.  He notes: “You also can’t tell me that anti-war protests where Radical Islam is shown in a kinder light than Christianity and Judaism, and the anti-American, anti-Bush venom is flowing while Radical Islam is NEVER denounced are all about ‘peace’.”

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