Internet Transcends Life

I had an eerie experience yesterday…  I happened to be cleaning out some of my ‘favorite’ web site links on my laptop computer and came across the bookmark from my deceased best friend David P. Wittman.  Since Dave passed away from cancer in 2001, I thought I would click on the link to his site and get the consummate ‘404 error page’.  Instead, I clicked on his page “First Principle of Human Conduct” and — lo and behold — the site was up and running!

I think it’s Dave trying to reach me from the after-life ;-|    In all seriousness, it is highly unusual that an ISP (in this case, erinet) would leave a web site running for 6 years after the last fee was paid.  Perhaps they really appreciate how Dave’s viewpoint was an updated version of Ayn Rand.

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