Is Iran Planning the Sequel to the Holocaust?

There have been numerous articles about the madman leading Iran known as Ahmadinejad (pronounced “I’m-mad-in-jihad”).  The Iranians are putting all of their resources into the development of nuclear weapons, and I’m-mad-in-jihad has publically stated that Israel will soon be eliminated from the world.  The lack of concerted response to these threats is alarming.  Do most people believe that this is just Iranian rhetoric and bravado?  Or, does I’m-mad-in-jihad have every intention to carry out these plans and we’re all being pollyanna?

According to the Institute of National Strategic Studies, Israel has the ability to attack Iran and destroy their nuclear weapons-making materials.   However, the study also notes: “Time is working in Iran’s favor, and barring military action, Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons is only a matter of time.”

Are we now observing the equivalent of Hitler building his deathcamps and doing nothing about it?


  1. Excellent comment/article. Sean Hanity on FOX made this exact point, too. He used this “gray” phrase:

    Anybody who doesn’t want to believe Iran has the potential is beyond naieve, they are “ultra-naieve!”

  2. The irony is that the naieve is the statement, which isn’t naieve. Anyways, a similar phrase he used…

    “2007 is the new 1938.”

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