Is It Global Warming or Cooling?

George Will writes an interesting editorial about the confusion over global warming…

“Science magazine (Dec. 10, 1976) warned of ‘extensive Northern Hemisphere glaciation.’ Science Digest (February 1973) reported that ‘the world’s climatologists are agreed’ that we must ‘prepare for the next ice age’.”

“Eighty-five percent of Americans say warming is probably happening… The National Academy of Sciences says the rise in the Earth’s surface temperature has been about one degree Fahrenheit in the past century. Did 85 percent of Americans notice? Of course not. They got their anxiety from journalism calculated to produce it.” 

On the other hand, the former Democratic Vice President from Tennessee has it all figured out.   He warned an audience that Bush and the Republican Congress have displayed “a blinding lack of awareness” about “the worst catastrophe in the history of human civilization — global warming”.

We can go further and read one of the worst editorial writers in one Molly Ivins, who proclaims “There was no debate. The only question is how fast it’s happening. And the answer that keeps coming up is ‘faster than we thought. And still faster’.”

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