Is Obama the Caliphate Trojan Horse?

The 21st Century Messiah… or the Oracle from Chicago… or the Manchurian Marxist Moslem… or whatever you want to call him, delivered one of his latest melodious, conflicting, inane speeches at the UN:

None of this is any different from what President Obama has been saying for eight years. And during this time America’s global position has eroded, our friends have been confused, our enemies emboldened, a Caliphate established, and ethnic, racial, and economic tensions resurgent.

Not to worry. One more speech will do the trick.

I think that there is a possibility that Obama is the ultimate Trojan Horse in North America on behalf of the Moslem Caliphate — introduce divisive positions among the American citizens; bankrupt the nation and diminish the military strength; arm the terror-driven Iranians to the teeth; warmly embrace globalist positions that reduce borders; introduce open immigration that welcomes Moslems.   What more could a US President do to pave the way for the subjugation of the United States?

Do you think these assertions are crazy?  There are mountains of evidence to illustrate otherwise.  Very recent examples  include a story by the AP that essentially states that Obama is unwilling to support charges of genocide against ISIS;  Or how about Obama vetoing bipartisan legislation that supports the ability to sue the Saudis for supporting terrorism during 9/11.

Should we stop to examine the relationship with Iran in greater detail?  These are some pertinent comments from Adam Turner:

President Obama has certainly brought change to the Middle East. It may or may not have been the change that Americans were waiting for. But when it comes to the Islamist theocratic regime in Iran, there can be no doubt — Barack Obama was the U.S. President the Iranian’s were waiting for.

Is there a consistent pattern to Obama’s policy decisions?

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