Is There Really Sexual Equality in Tennis?

The big complaint last year was that men received more money for winning Wimbledon tennis matches than women. Last year, men’s champion Roger Federer received $1.170 million while the women’s winner Amelie Mauresmo got $1.117 million (for those of you slow at math, that’s about a 5% larger paycheck). 

Evidently, the “equality police” are now beaming because the organizers of the Wimbledon tournament have elected to pay the same amount to both the men’s and women’s winners…  Interestingly, the men play best of five sets in their matches (men’s matches typically last 2 to 3 hours) while women only play best of three sets (their matches last from 1 to 2 hours). 

So I ask the simple question, are the women going to now play best of five sets?  If not, then what happened to our concerns about equality?

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