Islamists Among Us

Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, Giving Islamists the Rope to Hang Us:

The Koran makes clear Islam’s believers are superior to non-believers. Non-Muslims — due to this inferior status — are, therefore, not entitled to the same human rights attaching to believers. Interestingly, this wasn’t always so.

In 1948, all existing member states of the United Nations, except Saudi Arabia, agreed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights — proclaiming human rights “universal” to all humanity.

In 1981, led by Iran, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation reneged on the agreement. The OIC took the “universal” out of UDHR by limiting human rights only to those entitled under Shariah law.

Islamic law lays out a clear human rights “pecking order” — i.e., Muslim men and then, to a much lesser degree, Muslim women. But, for non-Muslims, there simply is no entitlement under Shariah.


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