It’s Always Been Jihad

I can’t say that I’ve ever liked the Israeli historian, Benny Morris, but his recent interview in the Jerusalem Post really sums it up in very simple views:

“The sense of Arab humiliation has only deepened over the past 60 years…”

“They may agree to tactical cease-fires of one kind or another for a few years, but there won’t be peace in our time… ”

“Even the peace treaties we have, with Egypt and Jordan, are peace deals with the regimes. They are tactical, not real peace with the people…”

“The Arab world has been impervious to westernization…”

“If democracies don’t act in ways that they may consider morally abhorrent, they may not be able to survive against enemies that will exploit any weakness…”

“If Israel ends up destroying Iran with nuclear weapons, this could put the fight out of radical Islam for a few generations…”

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