Ivy League and the Jews

Today, many of the top Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton have large populations of Jewish students.   For example, the Jewish students at these schools now comprise 30%, 23%, and 14% respectively of the student populations.   

It’s important to note that these same Ivy League schools refused to hire Jews until the 1940s.  In fact, when Albert Einstein came to the United States in 1933. he took a position at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study — not Princeton University as so many people believe.  The Institute had just been created and funded by wealthy Jewish businessmen for the express purpose of saving brilliant Jewish intellectuals such as Einstein from the ravages of Nazism.

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  1. Our high school (Sycamore – Cincinnati, OH) featured many Jewish students in Student Council, the National Honors Society, Honors courses, and AP (Advanced Placement) courses.

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