Jewish Traditions and Beliefs

It’s starting to look like I’m going to have to find a new branch of Judaism for my faith… For those of you not aware, most American Jews generally fall into one of three “classifications”:

1. Orthodox – those Jews who follow the biblical laws from the Torah very closely and adhere to strict traditions.

2. Conservative – those Jews that have modernized in many ways, but still follow many of the traditions.

3. Reform – those Jews that are hard to distinguish from Christians and tend to be very liberal in every regard.

I’ve been a Conservative Jew (not to be confused with Conservative American) all of my life, but I’m starting to find more and more far out views from the so-called Jewish Conservative movement…  Whether it’s reaching out asking if people want to have yoga classes at the synagogue, or a group of leaders that have decided that homosexuality is acceptable, they are making me very uncomfortable.

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