Jokes about Obama

For nearly two years, the major comedians have almost totally shied away from making fun of Obama…   Well that’s finally starting to change.  At the Big Hollywood site, there is an interesting article as well as a list of jokes:

“What is the difference between Osama Bin Laden and Barack Hussein Obama?  One is an anti-capitalist who hates America and wants to destroy Israel, and the other is hiding in Afghanistan.”  –Mark Klein

“All during his campaign, Obama’s claim to fame was that he was a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. I was just on the South Side of Chicago – it ain’t too organized.”  –Drew Hastings

“The new Obama economy game show: “American Idle.” –Sam Griesbaum

“If we could harness the wind generated by Obama’s ears and mouth we would have energy independence!”  –Jeff Jena

“People were once comparing him (Obama) to Jesus Christ. On the economy he seems more like Moses; wandering around aimlessly, blaming everything on the Bush.” –Tim Slagle

“If you cast a ballot for Barack Obama are you voting Democrat or Demigod?” –Gregory Peterson

“He is called ‘Vice President Biden’ because the phrase “hot air balloon” was already taken.”  –Mark Klein

“Obama inspired class envy: The original green job.”  –Sam Griesbaum

Q. Why is Barack Obama running for office as a Democrat?
A. The Communist Party didn’t have enough voters.  –Author Unknown

“In reaction to Iran launching a new missile and starting a nuclear reactor, President Obama is going to ratchet up the pressure. This time he is sending them a very strongly worded letter.”  –Jeff Jena

Obama puts the “dip” in Diplomacy.  –Sam Griesbaum

“Obama would have had an opinion on the gulf oil spill earlier but his prompter was in the shop.” –Jeff Jena

 ”President Obama announced $118 million in stimulus monies to increase high-speed Internet in Ohio. Presumably, so he can get all the bad news to us faster.”  –Drew Hastings

McDonalds has announced an addition to its menu: the Obama Happy Meal!   You order whatever you want to order off the menu and the guy standing behind you is forced to pay for it!

Why doesn’t President Obama go to church? Because his place of worship is a mirror.

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