Jury Duty

Well, guess who was summoned for jury duty?  The Montgomery Country courts have decided that once again I should appear before the court to become a prospective juror in a criminal case…  If I was retired like my father, I might actually find this intriguing.  However, I have to work for a living and my experience with the legal process is that it is always “hurry up and wait”.

Since I’m a good citizen, I showed up yesterday morning at 8:30am at the courthouse with approximately 40 other folks and waited for the slow legal process to unfold.  Around 10:00am we were told that there was a legal technicality that needed to be addressed, and we were released for the day… the Bailiff then proceeded to tell everyone that we may still be on-call, so we needed to check again on Tuesday morning.

Since there is no phone contact or voice mail, I emailed in my request to be excused from any potential follow-on… Believe it or not, I really do have to travel out of town on business.

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