Kasich is Planning to Join the Democrats

These rumors are ironic…  Kasich already left the Republican party years ago.

Kasich has been one of President Trump’s most vocal opponents within the party, and some point to him as a likely primary challenger in 2020. But Kasich seems to be toying with the idea of leaving the GOP entirely

Source: Kasich: If GOP “can’t be fixed,” I can’t support it

I’m certainly no fan of the Republicans, but Kasich never took the more principled position of a classical liberal.  Instead, he used the duplicitous Democrat playbook in Ohio for many years.  Namely, he embraced Obamacare and he kicked the economic-can-down-the-road.  In standard political fashion, we’ll discover after he leaves office that his decisions were not in the best interests of Ohio citizens.

Instead of being a primary challenger, I can foresee Kasich joining the Democrats to run for President as a Democrat (challenging Oprah for the position of ultimate leftist)… Once you become an egotistical politician, the sky is the limit.

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