Democrat Food For Thought

I don’t recall where I came across these images, but they sum up the most basic political questions very succinctly.

Here is an interesting fact to buttress the claim above: 19 of the top 20 cities in the US with the worst crime statistics are run by Democrats.

If I’m not mistaken just, about every level of Government in Minnesota — from the State Governor to the Police Chief of Minneapolis — is dominated by Democrats.

Minneapolis is a city with a Democratic mayor and a Democratic city council without a single Republican on it: Twelve of the 13 city-council members are Democrats, one is a Green. It has a progressive chief of police who was preceded by another progressive chief of police. It is in a state with a Democratic governor and a Democratic state house. Every statewide executive office in Minnesota is either held by a Democrat or is officially nonpartisan — there is not one Republican as such holding a statewide office in Minnesota. The people of Minneapolis are represented in the U.S. House by, among others, Ilhan Omar and Dean Phillips, both Democrats, and in the Senate by Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, both Democrats.

Thus, if the ‘system’ in Minnesota resulted in the death of Mr. Floyd, who is responsible for managing that system?  It appears to be pretty obvious to most people with any sense at all.

If the above is not enough, it appears now that the Democrats are finding more bad things to say about the United States of America.  Is it true that their official position is that celebrating Independence Day is racism?

The Democrat Party began attacking Mount Rushmore on Monday night from their official Twitter account and referred to upcoming Independence Day celebrations at the famed monument as “glorifying white supremacy.”

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