Leftist Israelis Turning Right

Left wing Israelis were famous for espousing “there is no military solution to terrorism”.  In fact, many an Israeli citizen was formerly willing to do anything in the hopes for “peace”… you want more land, take my back yard;  you need guns to control security, take my M-16; you want your murderers out of jail, here you go…

Over the last five years, Israel has taken an aggressive approach to reduce the impact of Moslem death-desires.   As a result, the annual Israeli fatalities from Moslem terrorism has dropped from 450 in 2002 to a low of 8 in 2006.  The article in the Jerusalem Post notes: “The formula that produced this achievement is known: aggressive intelligence gathering, the security fence and the IDF’s complete freedom of action in West Bank cities.” 

Now some of the leftist media in Israel are coming out and acknowledging the benefits of this “get tough” approach.   It brings to mind the old cliche: “A conservative is a liberal that’s been mugged.”

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