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I found an excellent commentary on the American Thinker web site entitled “The Democrats’ Divide and Conquer Policy is on Steroids”. The author does a very capable job at identifying and summarizing the divisive nature of the people currently driving the Democrat party:

If America were systematically racist, we’d never have had a black president: many of the most popular and highest earning entertainers wouldn’t be black; Asian Americans wouldn’t make up 40% or more of the student body at some of America’s best colleges; and minorities wouldn’t own 30% of businesses.

But of course, none of that matters to Democrats. The only thing that matters is setting Americans against one another via victimization and leveraging that conflict for power.

the template for the Democrats’ endgame: Divide and conquer. By seeking to turn every American into a victim, by seeking to demonize the group that played the single biggest role in building the nation that we inhabit today (white males – because of numbers, not because of DNA or some special gift from God), Democrats are seeking to build a coalition of us vs. them, where the “us” is characterized by victimhood and the “them” are evil incarnate in the form of white males.

The beauty of that plan is that, when literally every single person can point to something today or two decades ago or two centuries ago that constitutes a slight or injustice to be rectified, the pool of potential soldiers is bottomless and all that’s necessary is a promise of salvation. Army not big enough? Craft a few more victim narrative promises of salvation and presto, more soldiers.

April 15, 2021

It’s really becoming surreal in the US to have these left wing groups totally incapable of prevailing in any substantive debate.  Their only solution is to change the rules or extinguish the voices of whomever they designate as the “enemy”.  The leftists don’t even pretend anymore that there are valid reasons for opposition.   They justify lying and cheating as useful means to an end.  They just bring together these hateful organizations, such as Black Lies Matter and Antifactual, to help intimidate and destroy their opponents.  Think about it:  out of fear for the opposition, the Big Tech leftists have cancelled the accounts of the former President of the United States…

The latest cancellations are from the Twitter folks who decided to close the accounts of Project Veritas after they embarrassed CNN when one of the Atlanta executives admitted on hidden camera what everyone already knows: CNN is a sophomoric organization that has its primary purpose to promote leftist causes, and present falsehoods about anything Republican.

Does anyone other than a hardcode leftist really believe that these ad hominem attacks against fellow Americans are warranted?  This leftist behavior of overt hatred is not healthy for the United States.


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