Leftists and Irrational Double Standards

If a politician used a simple derogatory phrase such as calling somebody a ‘nigger’, the Leftists would likely raise a storm to force that person to resign from office.   If that same politician used a gun to murder an innocent Jew in cold blood, the Leftist media would meet the news with silence…  Do you think this is crazy? how about this recent set of events:

…silence goes all the way up the Democratic ladder to the Obama administration. Yes, the same administration that never hesitates to throw loud, public hissy fits when Israel constructs some shacks on disputed territory was eerily mum when an American citizen was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in cold blood. It asked both sides to show restraint. Because, clearly, a terrorist pumping bullets into a car full of unarmed civilians is a complex, two-sided issue…

It is actually rather simple — terrorists killed a young American boy who went abroad to study in Israel, just like terrorists killed Nohemi Gonzalez, a young American woman who went abroad to study in Paris. Just like terrorists killed Anita Datar, a young American woman who went to promote healthcare and education in Mali, and just like terrorists killed Steven Satloff, an American reporter, in Syria. Yet, unlike the murders of Gonzalez, Datar and Satloff, which were extensively covered and widely condemned, Ezra’s murder received little coverage and condemnation in liberal circles.

Source: Silence of the doves 

American Jews have to wake up and recognize that Leftist Democrats are not their friends…

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