Liberal Jews – Part 3

Update – And yet another… Naomi Wolf, former advisor to Al Gore, goes on a wild rant againt Palin.  Wolf claims that Palin is stealing her mail.

Sept 18, 2008 – And here comes another… Marc R. Stanley, Chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council (most likely a 5’8″ pinky swinger) exclaims that Sarah Palin should not come to New York to protest a visit by the Iranian President, because Hillary doesn’t want to be in the same presence of the Moose Shotting Momma…

I’v said it before, and I’ll say it again: the greatest threat to Judaism… Liberal Jews

Sept 16, 2008 – I don’t know why, but Liberal Jews always seem to be the first to support the crazy Leftists… and in effect, promulgate the decline of Judaism.  We’ve seen Lefties such as Noam Chomsky behave as the greatest enemy of the Jews.  In the latest episode, we find photographer Jill Greenberg doctoring photos of McCain to make him look threatening.

Anytime I talk to my brother on the phone, he brings up the topic of politics and rants about the latest Liberal Jew he ran into at the health club in Cincinnati.   It really irks him that these seemingly well-educated people with a Jewish background would consider supporting an apostate Moslem for President of the USA.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken a different approach than my brother.  I don’t try to convince the Liberal Jews to change their opinions.  Instead, I’ve taken the easy path by just avoiding any substantive relationships with these Silver Spooners.

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