Liberal Jews – Part 12

I thought I would share this extract from an email that was sent around to Jewish Leftist supporters of Obama (they somehow included me on the distribution list). The gist of the email is that Obama is appointing so many Jews to the White House Staff that everything will be wonderful for Jews and Israel under the new administration:

Introducing the new White House Staff. So far we have:

Rahm Emanuel – Chief of Staff – Jewish
David Axelrod – Senior Advisor to the President – Jewish
Ronald Klain – Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States – Jewish
Larry Summers – Economic Advisor to the President – Jewish
Paul Volcker – Economic Advisor to the President, Former Head of Fed Reserve – Jewish
Tim Geithner – Treasury Secretary – Jewish
Peter Orszag – Head of Budget – Jewish

…Are you noticing that Obama and Biden are not only appointing staff, but assembling a Minyan?

As I’ve duly noted in this continuing analysis of Liberal Jews, I could see the inherent sophistry in the cutesy email.  Thus, I felt compelled to provide a “reply all” to the message… My reply:

For historical perspective, I’ve included a list below that shows “more than a Minyan of Jews” in a former US President’s staff… Of course, President Jimmy Carter didn’t do particularly well with the economy or the Jews.

Harold Brown   Secretary of Defense 
Michael Blumenthal Secretary of Treasury 
Kenneth Axelson  Asst. Secretary of Treasury 
Arthur Burns   Chairman, Federal Reserve Board 
Stuart Eizenstat  Chief Speech Writer & Chief Dom. Affairs Adviser 
Anthony Solomon  Under Secretary for Monetary Affairs 
Bertram Carp  Deputy, Office of Management and Budget 
Dave Rubenstein  Deputy, Office of Management and Budget 
Morris Dees  Justice Department 
Robert Lipschutz  Chief Counsel 
William Nordhaus  Council of Economic Advisors 
Fred Bergsten  Asst. Secretary of Intl. Affairs in Treasury Dept. 
Harold Williams  Dir. of U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission 
Bob Ginsburg  Advisor on International Economics 
James Schlesinger  Energy Department Chief 
Michael Oxenberg  Advisor on Chinese Affairs 
William Hyland  Advisor on European Affairs 
Robert Hormats  Advisor on International Economics 
Michael Pertschuk  Chairman, Federal Trade Commission 
Robert Strauss  Foreign-Trade Negotiator 
Joel Solomon  Dir. of General Services Administration 
Simon Lazarus  Presidential Aide 
David Tatel  Head of Civil Rights Div. 
Arthur Fleming  U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner 
Jule Sugarman Federal Civil Service Commissioner

Need I mention that Karl Marx, Noam Chomsky, and George Soros were also Jews. I’m not certain that I would consider those gentlemen supporters of Israel or the Jewish people in general.


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