Liberal Jews – Part 28

Is it hard to believe that I find Liberal Jews so preposterous and anathemas to my way of life?   A recent issue of New York magazine talks about the ultra-Liberal, Paul Krugman, as well as his five cohorts:

In December, Krugman and five other liberal economic thinkers (Joseph Stiglitz, Robert Reich, Jeffrey Sachs, Alan Blinder, and Larry Mishel) were invited to the Oval Office… the economists sat ringing Obama—two Nobelists, a former Labor secretary, and a former vice-chairman of the Fed. Not a Gentile among them

Frankly, all six of these men fit the caricature of the nebbish Jew.  They are not only mental midgets (in terms of a belief system based on rainbows and unicorns).  They are physical midgets as well.   You could fit Krugman and Reich in the trunk of a Toyota Camry and still have room for your vacation luggage.

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