Liberal Jews – Part 5

According to a recent Jerusalem Post article, “US Jews favor Obama 2:1…” 

Frankly, I am flabbergasted about the Jewish vote for US President.  O’bama is a man that has spent his life cavorting with enemies of the Jewish people.  His buddy, Jesse Jackson, just announced in so many words, “…with Obama as President, there will no longer be a great relationship with Israel”.  I have no explanation for the reason why Jews would support this affirmative action candidate, other than the fact that Liberal Jews maintain a Pollyanna view of the world, and place a great importance on abortion, homosexual marriage, etc.  Perhaps I’m missing some great insights that my peers from the Left can share with me.

I have to come clean — I am a 47 year old American Jew and I have never voted for a Democrat for President (my first vote for President was to drive the pusillanimous Jimmy Carter out of office).  In addition, I’m not a super fan of John McCain.  In fact, during the Republican primaries he was lowest on my list.  Nevertheless, McCain is much more positively predictable in his support for Jewish interests. 

Interestingly, O’bama has a banner ad on the Jerusalem Post web site (click on thumbnail below).  It looks like the O’bama team is pulling out every trick to sew up the Jewish vote in Florida.


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