Liberal Jews – Part 6

It’s always interesting when my liberal Jewish acquaintances send me emails with quotes about Obama, such as “Jesus was a community organizer”.  Hmm, that’s twisted rationale for considering O’bama’s credentials…

In our middle-class, suburban Ohio neighborhood of approximately 60 homes, there are roughly 8 black families; And there is a very tell-tale indicator. There are 7 Obama signs in the neighborhood, 5 in the yards of the black-owned homes and 2 in the yards of the Liberal Jewish families.

The Obama campaign is very interesting… I can think of another occasion approximately 70 years ago when there was a charismatic candidate with a “messiah-ego” running to lead a country. The citizens so wanted a return to greatness that they overlooked this man’s totalitarian and psychopathic views.  Of course, we all know what happened to the world and European Jewry back in Germany…

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