Liberal Jews – Part 20

These Liberal Jews never cease to amaze me… The American Jewish Committee just completed a recent survey of Jewish views on Barack O’bama (53% of survey participants identified themselves as Democrats vs 15% as Republicans).

As a reminder, nearly 78% of American Jews voted for Obama.   Over the last 9 months, we’ve seen a tremendous decline in support for O’bama among the general US population.   In addition, O’bama’s negative focus on Israel has been the linchpin of his foreign policy for appeasement of the Moslem world.  The result is that less than 8% of Jews in Israel look favorably upon the O’bama administration.

Nevertheless, according to the AJC survey 54% of American Jews still look upon him favorably.  It seems that there is virtually nothing O’bama could do to offend the majority of American Jewry.

I have no explanation.

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