Liberty and Epithets

First, the Government mandates the use of seat belts.  Next, the bureaucrats outlaw the use of trans fats in foods.  Now, we have people talking about outlawing the use of certain words.  Is this becoming a world where legislating morality is taken to an extreme?

I’m still trying to understand what is so painful when people use epithets such as Kike, Cracker, Dago, Mick, Nigger, etc.  Am I missing something?   From my standpoint, anyone can call me anything as long as it’s not concurrent with assault using a gun, knife, suicide bomb, etc.

I’ll give credit to the comedy club owner who is working to preserve the use of any language in the comedy routines.   However, it is interesting to see all of the mainstream media so fearful of words that they use the euphemism, the “n-word”.

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