Living in a Tough Part of Town – What Would You Do?

Let me describe a situation where I need your advice:

Let’s say you live in a part of a Los Angeles that you really like. Your great grandparents moved to the city two generations ago and worked all of their lives to buy a special 20 acre plot of land with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. They willed the land to their children with the stipulation that each generation must keep the property in the family for the next generation. Your parents also live on the palm tree-lined property and they developed a thriving family business on the land. It’s a beautiful area on the ocean where you are very happy and you have many friends.


Unfortunately, you have neighbors a mile away from your home that are primarily Hispanic gang members that want to drive you out of the area. They hate you because your Caucasian, and they will do just about anything to see you dead. They’ve robbed your house, they actually murdered one of your neighbors, and they’ve sprayed graffiti on your house that says “Die White Boy”. There have been five attempts at a”community reconciliation” with the gangs.  Each time there were false promises, immediately followed by a new crime against your property or your neighbors.


Your wife receives death threats on the telephone, and one of your kids was hit by a bullet in a drive-by gang shooting. The police are very little help because they tell you that the gangs don’t like you because you’re living in a “Hispanic part of town”. The LA Times interviews the gang members and then writes a story in the Sunday edition that describes your grandparents as land swindlers who tricked a Mexican family out of the land.

What would you do?

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