Major corporations scramble to support leftist messaging

Large corporations always have their antennas raised on current events, looking to stay relevant with the public.  It’s interesting that their PR departments have concluded that it’s useful to enter the arena of politics:

…numerous corporations are scrambling to capitalize on the moment by donating to various Black Lives Matter organizations and allied causes, winning praise and sometimes sharp criticism for P.R. efforts that are by turns successfully deft and sometimes unfortunately clumsy.

Source: Major corporations scramble to support Black Lives Matter as protests continue

Here is an update on the over $400 million in “protection money” that the major corporations (Nike, Walmart, Amazon, etc.) have designated for “social justice”:

Corporations are opening up their treasuries to give money to social justice causes, including Black Lives Matter, in the wake of nationwide protests and riots over the death of George Floyd.

Many of the big companies are pushing their employees to do the same.

I hesitate to call it “virtue signaling” since there is not a lot of virtue in appealing to riots and looting, but here’s another update on the corporate cowering to the apparent appeal of leftist cronyism:

[O]ne of the most annoying trends emerging during the current moment is that of corporations and brands pushing surface-level and cringey #BlackLivesMatter messages. The intentions aren’t as altruistic as boardroom executives would like you to believe, and if anything, their rhetoric is more divisive than helpful.

…but hundreds of brands, far too many to list in one article, have joined the pandering parade of loudly enlightened corporate voices.

Frankly, much of this seems like companies cynically attempting to cash in and build consumer loyalty to their brand by going with the consensus movement of the day, not some authentic stand for justice and equality.

Are these PR-seeking companies all just wanting to appear edgy like Nike?  Is it “I want to be like Nike”

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