Michigan .vs. Ohio

Now that Ohio State football is underway, it’s time for humor about the University of Michigan…  This one comes courtesy of Mark Clower:

A farmer outside of Ann Arbor was working his cattle one day when he heard faint music coming from nearby.  After searching for the source of the music, he  discovered the sound was loudest near one particular calf… and was even louder near the calf’s tail.  Putting his head close to the calf’s hind end, he heard the University of Michigan’s fight song.  Amazed, he put the calf  in the truck and drove the animal to a vet in Ann Arbor.

When the vet asked him about the problem with the calf, the farmer told him.  The vet went around behind the calf and gave a listen.  He casually agreed that he heard the University of Michigan’s fight song, but he didn’t seem particularly excited.

The farmer asked, “Man, this is unbelievable!  How can you stand there and not be amazed?” The vet, a third generation Ohio State University graduate, said, “Hell, I’m a Buckeye and I’ve been listening to assholes sing that fight song my whole life.”

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