Middle Eastern Update

Hezbollah is a group of 15,000 well-armed terrorists that are accountable to no one except the rogue nations of Syria and Iran.  The concepts of “disproportionate response”, “moral equivalency”, or other inventions of western culture are simply not applicable. You cannot extend liberties, cease-fires, or any notion of fair play to those who are bent on your destruction.

Hezbollah and Iran have publicly announced their intentions of “removing Israel from the map” and that it’s “good to kill the Jews”.  This recent war in Lebanon is just a continuation of the Moslem-Jewish wars from the latter half of the 20th century…  History speaks loud and clear. The Middle Eastern Wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, and 1982 were the result of Moslem belief that they could destroy the Jewish nation of Israel with conventional warfare.  The various terror activities today are merely different tactics to the same hoped-for end objective.   The only difference is that Western nations have become more gullible and more ingenuous in their belief that all cultures subscribe to the golden rule.  The problems in the Middle East have never been — and never will be — about occupation, Apartheid, or any other noble cause envisioned by the pampered Western Intelligentsia.  It is simply a Moslem view of world domination –- and no reality is more disturbing to the Moslem extremist than having the bastion of western values (the Jews) in their midst.

In the same fashion that I complimented Al Qaeda on their inventiveness in using US airliners as guided missiles, I have to give the Iranians a due compliment on their ability to manipulate the world’s focus by funding a proxy army based in Lebanon.  With very little effort, the Iranians have successfully rained terror on the land of Israel and removed from the front pages, their plans to impose nuclear terror on the rest of the western world.

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