More “Compassionate” Sports

Update – A few weeks ago, I wrote how sports have turned into social engineering exercises in many communities… Dennis Prager recently wrote a story about keeping score at a little league baseball game.  The important issue is that one team was getting beaten so badly that the parents asked that the score be reset to 0-0.  Prager makes the point that, “Truth was the first value compassion trashed. In the name of compassion, the adults in charge decided to lie… The kids learned that they do not have to deal with disappointment in life. Instead, someone in authority will take care of them.”

Our feelings-based society and our focus on compassion for all decision-making actually hinders the growth of these children.  I’m very disappointed that — years after I’ve finished coaching my sons — this political correctness still pervades in youth sports.

Mar 7 – During my coaching days, Missy and I used to get into disagreements because I declared that I didn’t support the idea of “participation trophies”.  I used to say that we are not communists and everyone doesn’t get the same rewards for just showing up… Rewards are based on performance… Well, it appears that participation trophies are now going to be topped with a new stab at political correctness.  An article in the Seattle Post indicates that Washington State (the new bastion for Liberalism), is considering legislation to outlaw booing at sporting events.

I know… Clap for every player and give everyone a trophy… that’s a path to success!

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