More on the Chinese Economic Engine

Could this all just be jealousy of the economic engine known as China?

I recently described the cyber war actively led by the Chinese government… I’ve talked about the Chinese buying up automotive technology and transporting it back to their mainland… I‘ve also posted to describe how the Chinese have stolen technology from Boeing.
Now, even the Germans are calling out the Chinese for the questionable practices. “Fully 70% of all illegal copycat products come from Asia, and most of that comes from China, in what has mushroomed into a $300 billion market,” says Spiegel.  “More than half of the companies affected by patent theft have had these experiences in China,” Heiko Beploat, of the German Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Association, tells Spiegel.

Judith Klinghoffer, senior associate scholar at the Political Science department at Rutgers University, describes “Why China Has to Steal Technology”.  She explains, “…because Communist China, like its Soviet predecessor, has hit the innovation roadblock.”

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