Moslem Logic

Update: I guess this one comes from the logic, “if you can’t beat them…”  Scott Morris forwarded this article to me about the “Holocaust-Deniers” (Iranians) planning to start creating cartoons about the Holocaust…. Well, I guess we’ll have to start burning their embassies in Israel… Oh, wait there aren’t any embassies from Arab countries in Israel.  Hmm, these Moslem folks are just such honorable people (For those of you that can’t find the famous Danish cartoons, look here).

Feb 6, 2006 – If there weren’t so many lives at stake, the Moslem threats would almost be amusing… Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Dr. Ameer Ali said, “publication of the cartoons would cause great offence and potentially increase radicalism among Muslims” [Italics mine].   How much more radical can you get? 

Feb 5, 2006 – The saga continues… There are numerous articles that describe Moslems burning embassies.   The Moslem thinking is really very simple: “you make fun of my religion, we kill you”.   I think the hypocrisy is best summed up in the cartoon below from Filibuster Cartoons:


Jan 30, 2006 – I constantly remind my friends that were raised with Judeo-Christian values, that the outlook of the typical Moslem is very different.  While most Americans were raised under the principles of the “Golden Rule” and operate with a sense of honor, Moslems are raised with the principles of, “the ends justify the means” (which, of course means be very careful becoming considered an Infidel).  A great example of the inane Moslem thinking is the uproar caused by a Danish cartoon that depicts Mohamed as a terrorist.   The placing of a cartoon causes these worldly Moslems to have conniptions.  Meanwhile, when a Moslem terrorist blows up a funeral procession or a service in a mosque, the Moslem populace seems not to care. 

Am I missing something here, or do others also perceive some unusual set of morals and logic?

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