No NFL Team in Los Angeles… or Cincinnati

My Favorite NFL Team is… anybody playing the Cincinnati Bengals.  This franchise in Southwest Ohio deserves to be a cursed loser. 

Let me preface my rant by stating that I previously was the staunchest supporter of the “Bungals” for over 30 years.    I loved the coaching toughness of Forrest Gregg and the innovations from Sam Wyche, but everything went out of kilter when the elder Brown passed away (I frequently suggested that someone should perform a football exorcism near the Ohio River).

The Bungals have been the laughing stock of the NFL for over 15 years (only 1 appearance in the playoffs) and many of their players are caricatures of the mollycoddled NFL hoodlums…  Not only do they have a quarterback who disses football fans in Ohio, but according to the Bungals web site they just resigned a five-time loser to the team. 

Besides the fact that he has only one winning season in 5 years of coaching the Bungals, Marvin Lewis has proven that he lacks the attributes to be a head coach.  On the subject of signing Chris Henry (see posting from Sept 2007), the ‘highly principled’ (;-) Lewis essentially stated, “the boss-man made me take my home-boy back…”

I’m just glad I’m not one of the fools paying for game tickets and Bungals regalia.  Perhaps the Bungals can earn a winning record by getting teams from the WNFL on their schedule…


Note: It has to be difficult to be a sports fan in Cincinnati.  The hapless Reds and the losing Bungals.  The only decent “pro” team was Bearcats basketball, and they haven’t seen the top 50 since Huggins left town.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with the passing of Paul Brown. I’m not saying that Mike is an idiot (although i do think he is), but he’s certainly not his dad.

  2. For years the Brown family hired “Yes men” to coach. It was easier to have no one rock the boat, they were paid and kept after playing 500 or less ball. They tried to control costs and make a small profit, instead of paying for a real coach who was inovative and would develop a plan to be a championship team. They don’t understand the concept of you got to spend money to make money ! What a joke !!!

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