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Update – While Dayton is certainly not a championship caliber team, it’s important to note that 5 of the 8 schools selected ahead of UD (with records and rankings lower than UD) lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament:
Texas A&M – won
Arizona – lost
St Joseph – lost
Baylor – lost
Villanova – won
Kansas St – won
Oregon – lost
Kentucky – lost

March 16 – I don’t ordinarily comment on this sort of issue, but I’ll be the first to file the complaints for the 2008 NCAA basketball tourney selections… The University of Dayton Flyers had a better RPI than 8 schools selected for at large bids (see table below). Indeed, Dayton had both better RPI and Strength of Schedule (SOS) than 5 of the schools selected (Why were Baylor, Villanova, and Oregon selected?).


RPI Record SOS
Dayton 34 21-10 34
Texas A&M 39 23-10 52
Arizona 40 18-14 2
St Joseph 41 21-11 53
Baylor 43 20-10 46
Villanova 49 20-12 47
Kansas St
53 19-11 33
Oregon 58 18-13 37
Kentucky 59 18-12 19

I don’t know of any other school that was snubbed as badly as the Flyers…


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