New DVD Formats

When DVD burners opened up to the consumer market a few years ago, I spent a considerable amount of time comparing the +R, –R, RW, formats.  I finally purchased my first Sony DVD burner when it was the first that promised to support all of those disk formats.  Currently, I’m similar to many users in that I’m still finding myself thinking about the migration from standard 4.7GB single-layer DVDs to 8.5GB double-layer disks. Since single-layer disks can be had for approx. $0.30 each (versus $3.00 for double-layer), the double-layer disks are difficult to justify…  Now we find ourselves with the latest “Betamax .vs. VHS” wars with Blu-ray format .vs. HD-DVD format.  While these promise even greater increases in storage capacity (20GB), I know that I’m going to be sitting on the side-lines in this battle until prices come way down, and there is more certainty for the consumer.

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  1. Double layers are *really* expensive, and CD’s will go out –> DVD’s will be used!

    Longhorn (Windows 2006 or 07) AKA Vista is on a DVD (At least when I downloaded it–it required a DVD to burn.) Microsoft *sets* technology.

    It’ll be interesting… 🙂

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