NIT Post-Season Tournament

It appears that the 2008 NIT post-season tournament is set.   Ohio State, University of Dayton, Cleveland State, and University of Akron represent Ohio in the tournament (Xavier and Kent State are in the NCAA).   There are also three A-10 teams, each with 20 wins or more, in the NIT tournament.

Since the NIT tournament is owned by the same folks who run the NCAA tourney, I won’t try to discern their random selection logic. However… how does California with a 16-15 record and an RPI of 94 warrant selection?  How does a 19-12 Arizona State with an RPI of 82 deserve a #1 seeding?  Why is Minnesota with an RPI of 102 in the tournament?  Why is Ohio State seeded higher than Dayton and Illinois State (both with better records and RPI ratings)?

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