No More ‘Business Insider’ for Me

I used to be a regular reader of the Business Insider.  A few years ago, the Insider web site used to be true to its roots and it provided interesting insights about business around the world.   They are prolific publishers, cranking out more than 100 postings per day.  Even their left-leaning slant on many topics couldn’t stop me from reading many of their business articles.

Unfortunately, it appears that Mr. Blodget is trying to follow in the foot steps of the Huffington Post, and he is transforming the Insider into a digital version of People magazine.  In the last year, the Insider started publishing inane articles such as:

See Which Celebrities Are Heading To The White House Correspondents’ Dinner This Weekend

Quick! Type ‘Zerg Rush’ Into Google And See What Happens

Lindsay Lohan ‘A Total Nightmare’ on ‘Glee’ Set—Here’s Today’s Buzz

A Year Ago, Barack Obama Had One Of The Most Badass Moments Of Any American President

These postings may be very alluring for their target audience.  However, it’s just too much ‘grocery store tabloid’ for me… I have now officially removed Business Insider from my daily reading and I’ve selected alternative sources for my Newsreader.


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